Concept to Completion

1. Energy assessment

To manage and reduce energy consumption you must establish where and how energy is consumed. An Energy Assessment is an analysis of equipment and appliances, their location, duration of use and amount of energy consumed.

The nature of an assessment varies from the installation of monitoring equipment to an overall survey incorporating data from industry standards and acquired knowledge.

Adviance Energy offers all clients a free initial assessment with a strong focus on lighting and lighting control.

2. Technical solution

Once an understanding of ‘how’ energy is consumed, a direct plan of action is needed to best reduce your energy consumption.The different techniques and technologies in energy efficiency can very greatly between building type, building function and working environment within the building.Our design staff are experts in their field and, if required, work with specialised associates to ensure a practical, cost-efficient and saving design proposal is presented. Special considerations of all relevant and current Building Code of Australia standards are met.

3. Funding acquirement

Adviance Energy has partnered with a selection of government and private funding organisations that provide a variety of financial products specifically designed for the implementation of Energy Efficiency Programs which reduce or eliminate project capital costs.


Preserves capital
in your business for higher Return on Investment activities
Provides Flexibility to replace, add and upgrade to newer technology
Potential energy cost-savings may be greater than funding costs, thus delivering positive cash flow
Benefits landlord and tenants by allowing costs and savings to be borne by the party benefiting from the energy efficiency

4. Implementation

Adviance Energy is a subsidiary of Adviance Technologies, a licensed electrical contracting firm. Adviance Energy can draw upon years of experience in the construction and management ofeducation,commercial and industrial facilities for delivering projects:

On time
On budget
In accordance with technical scope and design
Most importantly, customer satisfaction

5. Training

Adviance Energy has partnered with a reputable registered training organisation to help clients create an efficient and sustainable workplace culture.

Businesses and organisations can now access training subsidies to reduce energy costs, up- skill their workforce in green skills and make their operations more efficient and sustainable.


6. Recognition and accreditation initiatives

Adviance Energy is a member of the Clean Energy Council of Australia, an Approved Certificate Provider under the NSW Government IPART Energy Savings Scheme. Adviance Energy has worked on projects under the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program. They apply for funding under the Green Building Fund, and are looking forward to the Low Carbon Communities Initiative and the Clean Energy Future Fund.

The different State and Federal initiatives are a forever changing landscape. We at Adviance Energy are continually and vigorously studying this landscape to ensure our client benefit from all available initiatives.